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Vision & Mission Statement
Corporate Vision

To be the premier confidential document destruction services provider.

Corporate Mission

To achieve this mission, we offer a high-level chain of security when handling documents and increase awareness of the dangers of unsecured document management.

With our focus on clients’ different needs, we aim to provide a bespoke solution to any industry, with an ultimate aim to protect confidential information.

What Can Be Shredded
The following items can be shredded easily by our powerful mobile shredder:
Paper Envelopes Personel & Payroll
Cancelled Cheques
Old Cheque Books Account Records
Medical Records
Computer Print OutsDrawings
Personel & Payroll
Index Cards
Telephone Books
MyShred Mobile vs Others
We are the Pioneer!!

We are the pioneer company in Malaysia specialising in mobile shredding. Mobile shredding offers clients the peace of mind of knowing sensitive information has been totally destroyed in their presence. The shredded materials (papers, clipboards and even CDs) are compacted and mixed with other data, making it virtually unidentifiable. The combination of security containers and on-site shredding provides an unbroken chain of custody until the material is destroyed.

In-House vs On-Site(Mobile) Shredding
In-House Shredding :
Consumes valuable employee time, which could be spent performing other tasks and responsibilities.
Higher potential for employee error or breaches of confidentiality.
Offices shredders are messy, require maintenance and have limited capacity.

Simply reduce these inefficiencies by using MyShred Mobile, where all confidential materials are destroyed on your premises by trained, vetted professionals on-board of our state of the art mobile shredding truck.

Off-Site vs On-Site Shredding
Off-Site Shredding :
Document security compromised too many opportunities for error (from internal and external employees).
Instead of entrusting your documents to more than one company or person, MyShred Mobile will replace all the duties.All our representatives are screened and you can be assured that the confidentiality remains.

MyShred Mobile destroys your documents on the spot and you are welcome to witness it!

Recycling vs On-Site Shredding
Recycling programs do not provide organisations with the confidentiality required, as simple as that. MyShred Mobile gives you both!
Table of Comparison
In-House vs On-Site (Mobile) Shredding :

In-House ShreddingMyShred Mobile
In-House Shredding
Cost of equipment
Maintenance and running costs
Time consuming
Entry level or part – time employees may have access to confidential documents
Can be seen as a waste of productive time by some employees, and in busy times may not be carried out completely or correctly
No document support for what has been shred or when it was shredded
Ease of use
With small in – house shredders, all materials must be processed before shredding to remove staples, clips etc.
Only a few sheets can be shredded at a time
Shredded waste is messy
MyShred Mobile
No equipment to buy
No maintenance and running costs
No staff time required
Confidential information is held in locked bins until it is shredded
Employees only need to deposit the documents in the secure bin to ensure complete destruction
A reliable, fully documented and systematic method of destruction
Ease of use
Powerful onboard shredder can handle almost everything
Destroys way faster than any office shredder
Waste is held onboard the truck where it is taken for recycling
Off-Site vs On-Site Shredding :

Off-site ShreddingMyShred Mobile
Off-site Shredding
Opportunity For Error
Too many opportunities of error
What happens between pick up and the time documents are destructed?
Where is the shredding done?
Who does the shredding?
Are your documents sorted prior to being shredded?
Are your documents held until there are enough documents for shredding run?
How many people have access to your confidential documents when they are in a readable form at another location?
Include shredding fees, bin rental, collection and transportation fees and administration fees
Able to be witnessed
Difficult and hard to witness destruction
Time consuming as need to travel to shredding facility
MyShred Mobile
Opportunity For Error
Has been minimised by a front-to-end service
Shredding is done on-site
Shredding is done by our screened and uniformed employees
No sorting being done
All documents are destroyed immediately on the spot
Shredding fees and bin rental only
No other hidden fees
Premium secure service at a competitive price!
Able to be witnessed
It has never been easier!